What are the design trends in 2020?

1. Micro interactions.

These details, known as microinteractions, are individual moments in the product designed to accomplish a single task while enhancing the natural product flow. Swiping up to refresh data, liking content, or changing a setting are all microinteractions. They can also include simple UI animations—for example, the way a menu slides in when tapped, or a card glides off the screen when swiped


Neumorphism is a new take on skeuomorphic design. Even though it relates to skeuomorphism, there is a new focus in the entire design style with neumorphism. This focus is not necessarily on the contrast or similarity between the real and digital worlds, but rather the color palette. Yes, you read that right. Neumorphism is all about the color of the entire screen, and delivering an entirely unique experience for users.



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